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Apr 6, 2008

Another day - shifting dogs, feeding up our manic hole digger - one week off his super premium dog food and he's looking like a starving child! He's meant to be showing on the weekend - not if he doesn't bulk up quick!

That's the problem with the top end of dog food - it's so damn expensive. But when I look at the gleaming coats of our Pharaoh Hounds, I know it's worth the extra cost. I just need to get a couple more paid jobs!

La De and Nena are curled up in their crate, waiting for their time running outside - then LaDe has to come back in the house, so he doesn't dig again, and so he doesn't exercise the weight off yet again. This is one committed dog! If only he was committed to being a good dog, instead of being a committed digger. I think he was a mole in a former life.

Kharis, Ananka. Rangler and Missy are all outside. Missy the pup has had breakfast, the others have to wait until tea-time for more food. Unless they catch a sparrow or something of course. That's Ananka's specialty. She is so quick!

Got to go know - check the dogs have water, do pick-up duties outside, water the bonsai trees.

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