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Do you have a dog, and have questions about how to keep your dog happy? Is your new puppy having trouble settling in? Are you looking for a new puppy and aren't sure where to look?

I would love to help you with any of these issues, and more. My husband and I have bred many puppies over the last twenty years, and every puppy born at our home is important to us. Whether the puppy became a show dog or a much loved pet, it always remained 'our' puppy to some extent. We always cared about the wellbeing of that puppy.

I would love to be there for you too, if you have a new dog or pup, or if you're thinking of getting one, I would love to help you make the right choices for yourself, your family and for your puppy or dog.

Ask a question on this website, or make a comment. I'll answer you, I am here for you.

Aug 2, 2014

Something to Spread the Word About!

Oh wow, has it really truly been this long since I made a new post on this blog? I just checked, and yes, my last post on this blog was in September last year! Oh dear, I loved this blog so much, how and why did it all go so wrong?

Never mind. I've been doing other things, working on other blogs I have, that seemed more important, more relevant to my life at the time. I read a post on Facebook earlier today, or perhaps yesterday, bemoaning friends who only show up when they want something from you. I'm afraid I'm about to be one of those friends...

Blogs aren't sentient beings though, so I suppose it's OK to treat them like I'm about to do. They are things that do better if you tend to them regularly though. And if your blogs is doing well, that means you, the blogger is also doing well, in terms of hits & clicks and things.

Anyway, to the reason I'm back here with a new blog post. This blog has a stated subject of dogs. And I'm a person who is interested in writing, so here I am, with some news about writing and about dogs. It's about a book about dogs that I wrote. I actually wrote this book back late 2009. I had an initial print run of 100, sold out and ordered another print run of 100. I now have only one copy left. Or maybe two, I'd have to check all of the book shelves to be sure. Book shelves, and assorted other places I may stash books... I don't have time to do that. It's not relevant at the moment.

What is relevant, is that I wish to spread some happiness around the world. And the way I want to do this is by doing another print run of my book about gardening and dogs. It's a funny little book, funny words by me, in the guise of a dog named Buster. And there are funny images, done by my dear friend Ally Hean, who I don't see very often now. She's working, I'm not and also, she's living further away from me.

I'm going to catch up in some way though, if this print run goes well, and if I sell enough books to pay Ally for the privelege of using her lovely funny pictures. The book I'm talking about is this one "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs"

That is the link to the blog I set up way back when I wrote the book. You can see from this that I at least had some knowledge on how to market a self-published book. And when I consider that I sold or gave away almost 200 copies of the book, with little work really, I think I've done quite well. I enjoyed doing the work, and had fun working on it initially with Ally. I've been doing this print run by myself, but have made a couple of connections with other people who are interested in having copies of it. That's been fun. One of the people is in South Australia, where I live, and the other person lives in the USA, and in Egypt, depending on the season.

It's going to be fun have a new stack of copies of this book, and talking about it. I know a lot about how dogs like to garden, and even if some of the things I know aren't wonderful, there are plenty of fun things about the way they garden! I think everyone with a dog and a garden should have a copy of "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs" Even if it doesn't physically help them, it should give them a bit of a giggle, and we all deserve that, every now and then!

Sep 5, 2013

Oh, this poor, little blog...

I was so keen and excited when I got this blog up and running all those years ago. Then I thought of another subject to blog on, and started another blog, and then another differently themed blog and then another.

Then I was convinced to give another blogging platform a go, and slowly my posts on this blog faded away. I feel so sorry for this blog, I'm sorry and ashamed of myself for ignoring it in this way. I recently posted a link to the blog though, and I'm hoping there's been a little more activity, with people visiting... I haven't been game enough to check though. Maybe later, after I've finished this abject post of apology...

I'm still in love with my dogs, the real ones - they still give me something to smile about every day. Whether it's Nena the schnauzer asking for a pat, or Lah Dee the boy pharaoh doing something totally clown-like, they still bring me joy. I can hardly imagine the sad life I'd be living if I didn't have these four canine companions living their life in my house with me.

Tomorrow will be an election focused day, with the dogs all left at home, while Graham, and then me, do our volunteer work, handing out how to vote cards for Nick Xenophon in the Senate. So, vote 1 Nick X in the Senate!

Apr 2, 2013

Dogs or Cats - which one do your prefer?

This is a subject that interests me. I think there are big differences between 'dog' people and 'cat' people. I'm definitely a 'dog' person, and I have a theory that cats are eventually going to take over the world. 

I have a short story I wrote a few years ago, based on this theory. The short story is fiction. Or is it? Whatever, I have some of my thoughts are in a fictional story which you can find here http://authspot.com/short-stories/a-cat-encounter/ if anyone would like to read more about what I think of this issue. You may have to cut and paste the link, if you'd like to read the story, the link doesn't seem to be working properly. Sorry.

Please take a look and leave a comment there, and come back here if you wish to discuss the matter further!

Dogs Rule!

Mar 17, 2013

News from the Fish Pond

I checked out our gold fish in the fish pond yesterday. There was a bit of a coating of yellow over the top of the pond, which I think is from our pine trees. It didn't stop the fish from finding the fish food I sprinkled there for them though.

I'm pleased to be able to report that all nine of the fish were there, including the young one that appeared a few weeks ago. I love sitting down the back with the fish and the birds. It's nature and it's restful. I feel meditative when I sit down there, with the fish swishing around the pond, and the birds calling and flying around. 

The clouds up in a blue sky sure add to the picture too. This is autumn now and I'm loving it! Some rain would be good though, both for our garden and for the farmers . . .

Feb 22, 2013

Birds I've Seen this Morning

The birds were there, company for me in the warming morning,
talking to each other as I listened and looked, trying to identify their words, spying on their ways, and keeping count of their differences.
Willy wagtail chirped and trilled, its jaunty tail flirt and wing flips
bringing me joy. The magpies pronounced judgement, then
chorused together, beautifully tuned, monochromatically toned.
Galahs frolicked and fossicked under the pine trees, hunting through the discarded pine cones, looking for pine nuts or other unknown goodies.
A pigeon flew almost unseen into pine tree branches then settled down standing tall and proud, up-pointed crest indicating it was indeed a crested pigeon, the only pigeon I like to see at our place.
One other bird seen and noted - swallow zooming in from
somewhere else, zooming off again, then back and away once more.

That was what I saw, bird-wise, plus of course various others, parrots several times, chattering once unseen in trees nearby, and a small flock of them another time, too fast over the house and away, calling in the way parrots do, in flight, a sweet call I can’t describe, but know when I hear it. I didn't see them well enough to name which type they were, so they remain unnamed.
Of course there were more anonymous birds too, small brown birds that may have been sparrows, or honeyeaters, or could have been an unseen species, one not on my list of birds seen here. 

We’ve lived here for over the twenty-five years, living in the country, in our country home, where we find peace and space, where our dogs can run and bark and nobody minds. Nature gives us much,  and the community gives us much too, friendships grow and help is given and accepted as needed, n the way it always happens in the country. Suburbs hold no temptations for me – I grew up there, but the country is where I truly live.