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Apr 4, 2008

Mum says, eat up your dinner!


It's important we all eat enough food so we can function properly, right? But what do you do when your cute as a button little puppy just won't eat up his tea? You want him to grow up to be a healthy dog, but the little love won't eat!
Don't pull out your hair, don't yell and scream. Take a big breath and repeat to yourself - 'Healthy puppies don't starve themselves to death!'
That's right, now repeat it ten more times. 'Healthy puppies don't starve themselves to death!'
One thing you don't do, ever, is to keep offering ever yummier treats to entice your little one to eat. It's the same as with children (human ones). You have to harden your heart, and stick to your guns and any other mixed matephor you can think of.
Puppies are like children in so many ways. When I was a kid, quite a few moons ago, if I didn't eat my brussel sprouts, I didn't get any ice cream. So if I wanted icecream, I knew I had to eat those icky brussel sprouts.
It's the same sort of thing with dogs - if you keep offering nicer things, the dog might learn to hold off on eating until you offer, say, fillet steak. And as soon as that happens, you've made a rod for your own back. You dog will carry on like you're starving it if you only offer kibble, not steak.
If you stick to offering only what you want to continue feeding your dog, whether that's super premium kibble, or mid-rang food, plus extras, or a varied diet up your own composition, then it will all come good in a day or so.
It won't kill your puppy if it turns its nose up at kibble for tea, then kibble for breakfast. I ca guarantee, if your little gut is healthy, the next meal will disappear in a flash.

If you're not sure whether your puppy is well, then take it to the vet. Sick puppies are about the saddest thing there is in the entire world, in my opinion. Puppies she only be sad if you've just told them off for chewing on the power cord!

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