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Jun 1, 2008

Time flies!

Our schnauzer babies are four weeks old today – how time flies! They’re growing well, developing personalities. Now the hard part is deciding which one may become our next schnauzer show girl – the one I call Sunshine has a happy sunny personality, great for showing off in the showring. The girl I call Greenie has a fantastic correct coat, but she’s not as outgoing as Sunshine.

It’s early days still, of course, they can’t leave here for another month or so.
They’ll change every day, and I’ll keep watching the changes and learn about them as they learn about the world. Today might be a nice warm day to introduce the pups to the outside world – they’ve lived in the puppy room up until now. I’ll just have to keep watching and playing with the puppies, learning about them, evaluating them.

Ain’t life hard!

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