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Nov 10, 2008

Pups and Ponies

I was thinking the other day about those girls who desperately want a horse. When I was a kid, there was no shortage of horses, and I didn’t go through that, I left that to my friend Wendy! My father was a harness racing horse trainer. I learnt about the hard work involved in having horses, cleaning out the horse yards after school. That helps take the rosy glow off the whole thing, well, it did for me, anyway.
What I really wanted was a puppy. I really, really wanted a puppy. Now, of course, I have new puppies come along every year or so – this year two litters of the cute little creatures. I’ve still got clean-up duties, but a pooper scooper is so much easier than pushing a heavy wheelbarrow around.
Anyway, I was wondering whether there is an answer for these pony-struck girls, pining for a horse of their own? Maybe one answer is checking out the ads online. There are lots of websites that list advertisements – one that I checked out was www.go-horse.com. There are lots of horses there, from foals to mares, gelding and stallion. At www.go-horse.com you can check by breed, discipline, area, and price. There are photos of horses and ponies to make your heart melt, and there are prices to make your blood freeze! I think if I had a horse mad daughter, I’d show her this website www.go-horse.com and perhaps point out some cold hard economic facts. It’s all very well to dream, in fact it’s wonderful for people to dream, but the harsh facts of reality mean your dreams, if they are to come true, need to be grounded in facts. Every now and then I think of getting a pony to have in our horse yard, then I have a cold shower and tell myself not to be so silly! We have pony sized dogs, which can sleep inside, we don’t need a pony –what would we do with it, apart from through money at it. I’m a dog person, not a pony person!

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