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Nov 22, 2009

Fun and Games (Not)

Well it's that season again. The male crested pigeons and out there strutting their stuff for the ladies (ignoring the cars travelling past at speed) and one of our bitches (sorry, girl dogs) has come into season.

La De has decided he loves Nena very much and would like to have children with her. Nena thinks he's handsome enough and she is not against the idea either. If only she wasn't locked up in a crate that she can't get out of and he can't get into.

The fact that Nena is a schnauzer and La De is a pharaoh hound doesn't mean anything to the dogs. Nena is a girl and La De is a boy and that's what matters to them. What matters to us is irrelevant to them.

Anyway, Nena is very ready right now so I am keeping her locked up and safe.If we wanted puppies we would have found a good looking boy Schnauzer to have a litter of schnauzer puppies. We have decided not to breed schnauzers anymore though, so no puppies until next year when La De's little sister will fly off to meet a nice boy pharaoh hound interstate.

There's no rush, but I do love having puppies to waste my time over, looking at them, playing with them, cleaning up after them - well I don't love that bit quite as much!

Anyway, it's fun and games at Holkschter Kennels at the moment, but not as much fun as some of the dogs want it to be.

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