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Dec 21, 2009

Which Dog Breed Should You Get?

Where are each of my faithful hounds right now?

Ananka and her daughter Missy (Pharaoh Hounds) are on the sofa, both asleep I think.

La De Da (Pharaoh Hound) is outside and when I checked he was standing about a metre from the door. When he saw me looking, he jumped up as if to say 'Oh Goodie can I come in?'

Nena (schnauzer) is outside lying down patiently right next to the back door waiting to be let back in.

This simple exercise tells you a lot about the two breeds of dog that we share our home with. The Pharaoh Hounds, if inside, generally find the most comfortable spot to lie down on and that's where they'll stay for hours and hours.

If Pharaoh Hounds are outside they will almost always be looking for something to chase. The two female Pharaohs chase and bark at birds almost all the time if they're outside. The male Pharaoh digs up clods of earth top chase. He is somewhat obsessional about it. Inside though, he is perfectly sensible and comfy.

Schnauzer if they are inside, are very much on watch duty. They are excellent watch dogs and don't really go completely to sleep. They will jump up at the approach of intruders and let you know all about it. Because of this, it is important to socialise your schnauzer so they get used to your friends. They will however alert, no matter how well they like your friends.

So there you have it. If you are thinking of getting either of these breeds, you know have truthful information who has lived with at least one Pharaoh Hound for ten years and has had Schnauzers for over twenty years. Talking to breeders at dog shows is always a useful way to get to know dog breeds, but breeders want to find homes for their puppies, so their truth may be varnished somewhat.

Look and listen and seek lots of opinions.

If you know about living with a particular breed, please, share your knowledge with us here.

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Sally_Odgers said...

We have Jack Russells. They spend a lot of time sprawled in the most comfortable spots possible. They like to be with us, whether we're in or out. They sing when we come home. They sing when the neighbour's dog comes to visit. They sing or bark when someone approaches the house. However, they stop very quickly. They love walks, ball games, toys and treats. Get a Jack or three. You'll never be bored.