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Mar 8, 2010

MS, a New Life?

Further to my previous post, I'm just writing a quick post to fill in everyone curious about what was/is wrong with me. I have written about the diagnosis process here

After various tests, the neurologist was able to tell me I have MS. Multiple Sclerosis causes a range of symptoms, including a weakness and fatigue. Sufferers may still be able to live a near normal life though, a fact I am hanging onto quite strongly.

A search of the internet reveals all kinds of conflicting views on causes and management of the disease. From what I've read, I'm just going to take it easy and follow the advice of the experts. I have an appointment for this afternoon with a nurse from the MS Society. The nurse will be able to help me find out the best advice.

At the moment life is fairly normal, but my ability to walk easily is hampered by muscle weakness on one side of my body. I'm making an effort to enjoy the good things in my life. I feel that maintaining a positive attitude will help me with this challenge.

One of the good things in my life is my family, which includes four dogs. Our dogs bring us much fun and also the occasional sadness. Yesterday though we had a fun time with dogs. My husband Graham and I took two of our dogs to the local dog park. Nena (schnauzer) and La De (pharaoh hound) had a great time racing around and exploring. Graham walked around a bit while the dogs raced like mad things. I sat and enjoyed the show.

Watching La De race around was wonderful - he is so elegant, so fast, such a joy to see when he is running! This was such fun, I'll carry the image of our racing hound with me to make me happy!

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