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Jul 5, 2010

What the Dogs Do in Cold Weather

What do they do? Well, they stay warm, the same as we do. At the moment I'm inside, so is my son and so are the dogs. My husband is probably inside at work.

We have the heater on, the TV on, the computer on and all is good in the world.
Except for the scary amount of power we are probably consuming. I'm not sure how far we are prepared to go. I like to be warm and connected.

The dogs like to be warm and well fed. My son likes to be warmish and connected too. He's connected at the moment by having the TV on, and he's reading a book.

How do you like to stay connected? For myself I'd say email, and Facebook do it for me. Plus my connections through some websites, and my blogs. It's all fast connection (slowed at the moment), and it all takes power.

I don't know if I can ever go cold turkey on internet connection. I don't think I'd like it. I'm glad I don't have. What about you? Do you do Facebook, Twitter and so?

I's love to read about your fave way of being connected!

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