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Dec 2, 2010

Crazy Weather

The crops around our place were looking great, and lots of farmers gou out there, making hay or harvesting the grain. Then the rain came!

Farmers love the rain, yes, but at the proper time. We got 30mm of rain on one day this week. Right now is not a good time to get that much rain. The crops are all looking fantastic, standing up proud and with lots of grain there.

Rain right now means no harvesting until we've had some decent sunshine to dry things up again. If the grain starts to sprout, that will downgrade the grain, so what may have been top quality wheat for pasta make becomes stock feed.

The price for stock feed is much lower than the premium price paid for durum wheat for pasta. I am so glad I live where I live, in the country, but I am also glad I'm not a farmer. I don't think I could handle the stress of it!

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