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Jan 1, 2011

Second Day of 2011

Well on the second day of this brand new year, things are looking pretty much the same as the first day of the new year. The weather is warm, but not too warm and there's a gentler breeze than we had yesterday.

Yesterday the wind was quite strong. I prefer days like today where the few clouds in the sky drift past overhead, and the branches are waving slowly with the wind. Yesterday I was feeling a little sneezy too, but not today. I'm grateful for that.

I'm lucky that I don't suffer much from hay fever, unlike some other people in my family, including my mother and my husband. I've seen their suffering, and I remember times when I've been a sufferer too, and I hope I can keep that affliction at bay.

All right, so today is a lovely day. I've done my exercise for the day, nearly up to the half and hour one of my medical advisers said I should be doing. Not, they didn't use the word 'should' - that's a nasty word - they recommended I aim for thirty minutes a day, for the best results.

'Should' is a blaming kind of word and is not at all useful to a person, it just makes them feel worse about not doing things. 'It would be good if...' is a much more empowering way of saying something, whether to yourself or to others. It's these kind of things that can break us or make us.

Now, a little about the day happeneing where I am right now - our male pharaoh hound, Lah De is finally quiet - he's been whingeing  near our schnauzer Nena for days now - Nena is in season and from the way she's been acting and he's been reacting, she's very close to or just past ovulation. She been acting like a tart  and he's been acting like a wannabee stud.

Of course, as responsible dog owners, we're keeping her locked up where he can only sit near and whine. It can be annoying when Nature intrudes on a quiet home life, but that's the thing about having dogs - they are sooo close to Nature, they can't help but show what they're feeling!

I think the whole thing is silly, but hubby has got a little annoyed with the poor dog. I figure poor Lah De can't help himself and we, as the superior species, should remain calm and loving to the dogs. Of course, Lah De has been a little confused and looked with intent at his sister Missy, who isn't in season. She showed her brother her teeth and yelled at him. He's leaving her alone now.

That's it for now. If you have any thoughts about my crazy dogs, please, leave a comment. I love to connect with others!

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