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I would love to be there for you too, if you have a new dog or pup, or if you're thinking of getting one, I would love to help you make the right choices for yourself, your family and for your puppy or dog.

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May 11, 2008

I'm back again! I've been busy showing dogs, cleaning up after dogs, asking dogs to shut up/stop digging/sit down.

But in the past week I've been busy looking at our totally gorgeous puppies. It's been so long since we had baby schnauzers here that I'd forgotten just how cute they are. At the moment they're just over a week old, and they look like wombats, but way cuter than wombats. They look like wombats that have been brushed with 'Cute Dust' by a good fairy.

We've got a black boy I'm calling Juggernaut (he's a big boy, that's for sure!) , and a black girl I'm calling Jezabel (named in honour of her wayward mother).

The other babes are pepper and salt in colour, two boys and four girls. It's hard to choose between them in quality at this stage - they all look like best in show winners to me, but that might change once they get up on their feet and they're running around.

Most of the pups have different coloured wool aroung their necks to make it easy to tell between them, and they're gaining weight very nicely indeed. Considering how lean their mother always is, they are absolute little butter balls.

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