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Do you have a dog, and have questions about how to keep your dog happy? Is your new puppy having trouble settling in? Are you looking for a new puppy and aren't sure where to look?

I would love to help you with any of these issues, and more. My husband and I have bred many puppies over the last twenty years, and every puppy born at our home is important to us. Whether the puppy became a show dog or a much loved pet, it always remained 'our' puppy to some extent. We always cared about the wellbeing of that puppy.

I would love to be there for you too, if you have a new dog or pup, or if you're thinking of getting one, I would love to help you make the right choices for yourself, your family and for your puppy or dog.

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May 11, 2008

Here at Holkschter Kennels we have Standard Schnauzers and Pharaoh Hounds. We love our dogs, and we care for them well. All of our dogs sleep inside at night, so they'll never keep our neighbours awake in the early hours of the morning. I feel it is the duty of all caring dog owners to do the right thing. There are some odd people out there who don't like dogs, and are looking for ways to get rid of dogs from our community.

Personally, I think pet dogs, and cats too, I suppose, are part of what makes a community. Dogs have many roles:- companion, confindante, spiritual healer, helper, security promoter. With many other roles of course. If there were no dogs in the Holkschter household, it would be a sadder place indeed.

There'd be a lot less loose hair around, and the back lawn wouldn't look like a bomb site, but it would be sadder. I bless God or mother nature or whoever for helping us have these lovely dogs, and all of the lovely dogs in the world.

My advice for today - Go pat a pup!

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