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Jun 15, 2008

Life outside

The schnauzer puppies have moved outside all day now - loose with their mother, Nena in the back yard to start with, then shut in the puppy run with their breakfast.
They're managing quite well, but haven't realised yet that they are big enough to get up onto the dog bed that's in there for them to sleep on. I won't be surprised if it's the puppy I've been calling Sunshine is the first to figure it out. Either her or the black girl - they're the ones who try things out first.

Sunshine was the one who this morning realised she could get over into the puppy run without me picking her up and putting her in there. I just hope she doesn't go on to become an escape artist like her mother!

The young Pharaoh Hound Missy is fascinated by these little babies - she's too big to play with them, but I bet she'd like to. I think the little babes are too precious for that - Missy could accidently do damage, and we'd all hate that.

Our Pharaoh Hound Ananka is fascinated by them too. She might be nice to them, but they're not her babies and I'm not going to risk it yet. It can wait another few weeks yet.

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