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Jun 12, 2008

Why do dogs bark?

Right now, I have three dogs inside with me, the rest of them outside. There are two dogs that barked within the last minute. They were both dogs currently outside. Why did they bark?
Kharis was at the door with his whinging let me in please bark. I know why he was barking. He knows that eventually he will be let back inside, and if he whines enough, he'll be let in sooner. Why does he know this? Because past experience has taught him that.
I'm OK with him barking like that, becuse he's a great dog and I love him dearly.
The other dog that barked was, I think Ananka, also a Pharaoh Hound. I think it's a fair bet that she was barking because she saw something. Pharaoh Hounds look at things a lot. More than Schnauzers do. PH's are constantly on the move, looking for things to chase and eat. They live to chase, just like a greyhound does.
Schn, on the other hand, do keep watch, but they're not as manic about it. Schn will chase things, but it's a bit of fun, not a near lifetime necessity. Ananka probably takes it to extremes though, Kharis doesn't chase anywhere as much as her.
He does have the chase instict more than a Schn though - this was proven when one time both Kharis and Ananka got loose with one of the Schn.
They all headed for our neighbour's fence, where their poultry are kept. I called and called all of the dogs, but only the Schn came back to me. I patted her and told her what a good girl she was, then locked her up safely, grabbed two leads and set about catching the PHs. It was not too hard, because they were so focussed on the chooks they paid me no attention - I could put leads on them with them hardly noticing. The hard bit was dragging them away!

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