Puppy's mum says: Puppies eight weeks old tomorrow!

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Jun 29, 2008

Puppies eight weeks old tomorrow!

The puppies are almost old enough to go to their new homes now. They are a lovely bunch of babies, all with different looks, different personalities. Some of them have yellow tied aroung their nicks now to show they have a family to go to, the others are still waiting.

The two pups we are keeping to show have yellow too, and it does make it easier to tell the difference easily. At least Schnauzers are different shades of pepper and salt, so it isnt' impossible to tell between them. Pharaoh Hounds are a lot trickier - they all look the same - with our last litter of Pharaohs it was easier to tell between them, and I'm sure it will get easier as we continue to breed them. We've been breeding Schnauzers since 1989, Pharaoh Hounds only since 2006. It makes a difference.

Kharis, our comfort loving PH, was up close and personal with one of the pups last night as we were watching TV. The puppy wasn't sure about him, he wasn't sure about the pup, but it all went well. The puppies' auntie, Ch Holkschter Rangler Jane has played with the pups a few times now, and she seems to like them - they haven't worked out that she doesn't have any milk for them - they try regardless!

They are the best way to waste time there is - I could watch them for hours!

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