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Jul 6, 2008

One gone, ? to go!

Well, one of the puppies has gone to her new home, three are set to go next weekend. Now all we need to do is decide how many of these cute babies we're keeping and find a home for the ones we don't want to keep for showing.
It's all fun, watching the puppies as they trot around the back yard, discovering new things and trying out their hunting skills on bugs, birds, each other. I know which pups will make the best show prospects (well, I think I do, I'm not the show judge though, am I? I'm only the backyard judge!) We're keeping at least one girl.
Do we want/need to keep a male schnauzer? Well, the big pepper and salt boy is such a good looking boy, it's hard to look past him really. I'm sure we can find a way to peacefully have three intact male dogs here. Well, 'sure' is perhaps not the right word. I 'think' we can, would be more correct, or maybe I 'hope' we can! If we can find a show home for him then that's the issue solved.
Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about lately as I watch these schnauzer puppies. It's all good fun!

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