Puppy's mum says: A schnauzer is a schnauzer is a schnauzer

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Jun 10, 2008

A schnauzer is a schnauzer is a schnauzer

When someone says I want a Schnauzer I immediately think of the Schnauzers I have at my house. We breed Standard Schnauzers, so called because they were the original Schnauzer - the standard or original breed.

One theory of how the Miniature came about is from breeding Affenpinschers with Schnauzers, bringing down the size. This happened in the 19th century and Miniatures have been bred true for over one hundred years.

The Standard Schnauzer was created well before then, and they were used as general farm dogs - guarding, herding, ratters, child minders. They still retain these instincts to this day. Schnauzers are used in herding trials, particularly in America, and some Australians can attest to their herding abilities.

Both sizes of schnauzer are nice dogs, but I prefer the Standard Schnauzer. I like bigger dogs and I prefer the slightly easier care coat of the Standard - not really much difference if you keep the grooming done regularly.

The Standard has a deceptively deep bark, and people can be surprised when the see the size of your dog if they have only heard it barking without seeing the dog. The Miniature Schnauzer has a much higher pitched bark which I personally don't like at all. Both breeds are good at obedience, and I certainly recommend doing obedience training with any dog you bring into your family.

Training will help you build a stronger relationship with your dog, as it helps you both learn more about each other. A well trained dog is a delight to live with. An untrained dog is not.

The Schnauzer is an intelligent dog, and learns quickly - good and bad! So it is up to you if you bring a Schnauzer into your home to decide what you want your dog to be allowed to do. Things that are cute when a tiny baby pup does it can be a nuisance if an adult dog does it.

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