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Jun 12, 2008

puppies in puppy run today

The Schnauzer babies are shut up in the puppy run this morning. It's a cool day, but sunny with it, and no rain.
If the little guys want to get out of any weather, they can go under cover. They're all asleep outside at the moment. We put a brand new dog bed in the puppy run yesterday, but the pups haven't worked out how to get up on it yet. They'll learn.
Their mother, Nena is shut up inside in a crate with our young Pharaoh Hound boy- La De, they look cosy snuggled up together in there.
I had Nena loose in this room with me earlier today, but she blatantly jumped up onto the sofa. She did the same thing yesterday, twice, and there's no telling whether de did it other times when I wasn't in the room. We don't do that in this house! It's the rule!
I know other people don't have the no dogs on sofa rule, and that's fine. Everyone needs to work out what their pets are allowed to do and what they're not allowed to do. Different people, different rules. Consistency is the clue to teaching you dog what the rules are. I hope that now Nena has worked out the no dogs on sofa rule.
If I keep her in the crate when she's in the house and I can't keep an eye on her, she won't do the wrong thing again. (I hope) haha.

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