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Oct 6, 2008

Who wants to lose weight?

I ask the question because I already know the answer and I think I can help.

Earlier this year, in between bringing up a litter of Pharaoh Hound babies and bringing up a litter of Schnauzer babies, I put together some thoughts.

These thoughts had nothing to do with dogs, or with poetry (my other obsession), but they were about losing weight. I know how to do this, you see. All of my friends have been asking how I have lost weight, and how I've kept it off.

I usually just smile and say, I'm careful about what I eat. And that is true. I think about what I put in my mouth, and I'm careful about it. This doesn't mean I'm wonderful and never eat anything I "shouldn't". I certainly still eat chocolate, and KFC, but even so I have lost at least 15 kilograms and kept it off. I know that weight will never return unless I disregard everything I now know.

Anyway, I'm also very interested in writing, not just poetry, but stories and articles. I have written about dogs and how to write poetry and many other things besides. One of the articles I wrote was full of tips on losing weight. Real, honest to goodness, anyone can do it tips.

I don't diet, I am not an athlete, and I haven't starved myself. I have lost weight and kept it off by paying more attention to myself, in a variety of different ways. And now I have put these ways together into an Ebook titled "How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off" and had it published.


Check the link and buy the book - you too could drop those unwanted kilograms and keep them off forever!

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