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Nov 26, 2008

No rain Tuesday

It didn't really rain today either, just a few spots for a few minutes when I was playing lawn bowls at Mallala. I think the 'rain' must have put off the players on my team, because after the rain stopped, our good play pretty well stopped too.

I play penants for Mallala Black on Thursday mornings (when I get picked). This is my first season of playing really, last season I was a 'floating' player and only played if theclub was desperate.
I've improved in my playing, and I reckon that by the time I'm sixty or so I might be a good player (I've got quite a few years still to pick up with my game!).

I really enjoy playing lawn bowls. Those crazy bowls can be your friends or your enemies, and you have to come to an agreement with them. I speak nicely to them, adn tell them what I want them to do. When they get it right I send mental 'thank you' to them and we remain buddies.
Today we lost, but it was to another Mallala team, Mallala Red, who are doing quite well this season, so that's not quite so bad.

The fun thing is coming up with reasons why you didn't play so well. It could be the green, the wind, your sore back/knee/whatever. There's plenty of room for creativity on this one. It's better of course to play well, and then you do the 'aw shucks, it was nothing' thing. There are lots of rules to playing lawn bowls, and if you're lucky you might actually get to learn some of them.

A few clues to anyone thinking of taking up lawn bowls -
  • believe only half of what you're told
  • never forget your bias
  • don't change the way you hold the bowl if you're bowling well
  • try new things at practice, not during a game, unless you're playing badly
  • some bowlers have been playing for more years than you've been alive, you'll get there, if you try long enough

Remember, it's just a game, and there's always next week.

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