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Jan 4, 2009


We're all on holidays now, getting over Christmas and New Years Eve. There's not been much to get over actually, we had the quietest time ever I think. Now we're still having a quiet time, waiting for our kitchen to be delivered, which we hope will happen in the next few days.

The dogs, on the other hand have had a rowdier time - one of our Pharaoh Hound girls went under one of out fences the other morning and spent some time running around on the wrong side of the fence.

We were lucky Missy doesn't seem to have got in any trouble - it was a worry, because she's in season for the first time, and we certainly don't want puppies where we have no idea who the father might be! Kharis has been only slightly off his food, which is unusual for him - Missy's mother Ananka is in season too, so at least then will be those two safe again soon enough. The joys of having more thatn one dog!

Anyway, Graham Jake and I saw Quantum of Solace yesterday - geat film, full on action, and Daniel Craig is so cute! I heartily recommend the movie for anyone who likes full-on action movies and cute people, male or female to look at - that just about coverts everyone, doesn't it?

Kharis is happy about something else at the moment - we've decided he is allowed to lie on the old sofa which is in the loungeroom - there's room on it for him and Jake. As long as nobody minds getting a little dog hair on them all will be sweet!

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