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Feb 16, 2009

Improvement in the Weather!

Well the horrible heatwave is over and we only have to put up with temperatures in the mid thirties! Most of the dogs are happy enough to spend more time out in the backyard now. It was dogs spread out all over the house for a while there.

The evaporative cooler is still doing daily duty though, but it gets turned off at night now. The ceiling fan in the main bedroom still stays on all night, trying to get the cooler air moving. Our oldest dogs, Rangler (Standard Schnauzer) and Kharis (Pharaoh Hound) are happy to sleep in the bedroom at night, and Kharis often spends most of the day on our bed it he can get away with it.

Kharis knows where the coolest and comfiest spots are. At the moment he is on our bed, but earlier today he was flaked out under the cooler outlet, on the carpetted floor. To think this a breed that lives on rocky walls in their home country of Malta! Their ancestors would be disgusted if they saw how the comfort loving creatures live in our household!

Our family have decided it's is OK now for dogs to get up on the old sofa, so that's where Missy (Kharis's daughter) spends her time in the evening before she goes off to bed with her mother when Jake goes to bed.

Jake has been trying to teach the Pharaoh girls which part of the sofa they're allowed to get on, and I think it might slowly be starting to sink in. I could be wrong!

At the moment there are two dogs outside, the oldest and the youngest. I'' have to swap them around again soon. I don't want anybody forgetting their manners again!

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