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Feb 22, 2009

No puppies this year

We have decided that we won't be having a litter of Schnauzer pups from Nena again. She's had a litter, and then had a health issue, and it's time for her to retire, or at least take a long break. Nena was a good mum, and she had lovely puppies, but this year, we won't be breeding her.

Our two Pharaoh hound girls won't be having puppies either this year, Ananka has finished her breeding career, and Missy won't be starting her breeding career until she's had a year of being a show girl.

Missy is still only just out of puppyhood, and hasn't had many shows, which is a shame - she is a lovely girl. This year will be her year in the show ring.

Kharis always thinks it's time for more puppies, whenever he thinks one of the girls in coming in season. At least, he wants to mate them, I don't know if he realises puppies are the end result of his actions. When Nena comes in season, she gets locked away securely. Schnauzers and Pharaohs - no mixing please!

So, no puppies. I love having a litter of pups around the house. They are so cute, with their funny puppy ways. Anybody who can't smile at a litter of puppies has a heart of stone!

But having a litter of puppies brings responsibilities too. The breeder has to study the pups, make sure the best have the best chance of getting into the show ring. They have to vet potential owners, make sure the puppy goes to a home that understands the breed.

The right new owner should not be the next one who comes in the door with the money. Money is only a small part of what makes a person the right owner. Both of our breeds have special characteristics, and it is our job as breeders to ensure new owners are aware of this.

Breeders who sell puppies to just anybody can be the reason why pure bred dogs sometimes end up in pet shops. Pure bred dogs should be the job of registered breeders to sell, making sure the right dog goes to the right home. Pet shops don't care about the puppies beyond getting the money for them.

Registered dog breeders should emphasize the lifetime relationship they are prepared to have with their new puppy owners. I love hearing from puppy owners, their snippets of news, and their troubles as well. I am responsible for helping the owners sort out the troubles, or at the very least, commiserate with the puppy owner.

You don't get that from a pet shop, where the puppies may have been born in a different state, and shipped across the country. I have seen puppies up for sale in pet shops where the supposed parentage was obviously incorrect. Obvious to me that is, the staff in the pet shop were happy to believe what the shipper told them.

Pure bred dogs should come from registered breeders!

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