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Feb 2, 2009

still too hot

The dogs and I are still spending lots of time in the house. Too much time, I'm afraid. Life would be better if I'd braved the heat more.

I had an awful shock this morning. I finally went down to the back and checked out the fish pond. I hadn't been down there for a few days. I guess I may have been afraid of what I'd see.

I was right. Two dead fish and some others missing. I could only see three live fish, and there should have been at least seven. I feel like a murderer.

I've fed the live ones now, and put the hose in the pond, putting more air and water in. I just hope the remaining fish can make it through this horrible heat wave. Maybe if we didn't have all these restrictions on watering, I may have been more attentive to the fishes needs, but I think I'm just trying to cover my arse there.

If I was the animal lover I profess to be I would have put the fish first and the government rules second. I think I'm allowed to use the hose for animal welfare issues anyway. No excuses. I'm sorry fish.

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