Puppy's mum says: Can you believe the Adelaide weather? Hot, hot, hot!

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Jan 29, 2009

Can you believe the Adelaide weather? Hot, hot, hot!

Forty degrees plus for three days so far, with no real end in sight! It's been so hot, the rail tracks buckled on one of the train lines into Adelaide. Can you believe it?

The dogs and I have spent most of our time inside today, doing not much apart from trying to get cool. I feel so sorry for any pets that couldn't find a cool spot somewhere inside today. That sun is cruel. I feel sorry for any creature, or person who couldn't find somewhere cool today.

We had power outages in many parts of Adelaide today, with load shedding going on for much of the day. Sometimes I'm even more glad I live in the country!

I heard someone on the ABC radio today talking about livestock being transported in this sort of weather, stacked 4 levels high, with no shade for those of the top level. I was on my way into Gawler when I heard it, and I kept an eye out. I didn't see a single transport truck at all. I'm hoping they all stayed home, leaving it to a cooler day.

Of course if stock is being transported somewhere, they're quite likely on their final journey, with death the result, but even so, they shouldn't have to suffer. I do eat meat, but I'd rather eat meat that hasn't been cruelly treated if that's possible without making it too expensive. It's so much easier to have and hold onto your morals when you're not financially troubled.

That's a cop out of course, and I'm ashamed of what I wrote, but deleting it would be dishonest.

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