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Mar 1, 2009

Doggy (Mis)Behaviour

In our household, we have a range of doggy (mis)behavious on display. Last night we had the throwing up on carpet scenario, caused, I feel, by Rangler having something different for tea.

When one of our girl dogs is in season, we have the (mis)behaviour of randy whining at the door, combined with making inappropriate choices. That's mostly Kharis, sometimes La De as well (just need to clarify something - La De's full name is Holkschter La De Da, and as you can tell, some of his behaviour is far from La De Da, it's downright dirty!)

The constant (mis)behaviour we all have to guard against, every day, is dogs not getting on nicely. Ananaka and Nena, both girls, want top bitch position, so in the interests of peace, and no extra vet bills, we don't have those two running together. The time Ananka tried to get in with Nena and her puppies was ugly. It could have been worse though. Ananka cut her foot when she tried to bash through the window, and then lost interest in Nena and the schnauzer babes with the pain of it. Trip to the vet, a bill we didn't want, and lots of mucking around keeping the bandages dry. It all could have been so much worse. It was raining! Hard to remember that, although it did rain a bit yesterday - it's still dry round these parts.

We also have issues with letting father and son (Kharis and La De) run together - they used to be fine, until La De discovered he was an adult male, and had something to prove!

It's all interesting to watch, and it's mostly all good - A little bit of excitement every now and then, but there haven't been too many trips to the vet. Usually the dogs seem happy enough to have the action nipped in the bud by the humans.

And of course, La De is the dog who most often misbehaves. He still doesn't realise that we don't want him digging up the lawn, even though we've yelled at him, chased him off and hit him. I very much think he has obsessive compulsive disorder on the digging thing. The lawn wasn't looking that good anyway, with the drought and all, but still! If we could harness his ability and hire him out, we'd be set for life.

I'm becoming quite the Animal MisBehaviour Expert!

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