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Apr 7, 2009

Another Dog Day

What are the dog's doing? Kharis is sooking in a high pitched voice at the back door, wanting to come back inside. Nena and La De are still inside, haven't had their morning run outside yet. They are curled up together in the large crate and look very cute!

The others are outside with Kharis, but they are doing things, looking at birds, sniffing for things to eat and so on. They don't sook at the back door, but then, Kharis is the only one who sleeps on our bed, so he knows there's a big comfy spot to sleep inside waiting for him. I'll let him in soon and swap them over again. I'm going out today, so they all need to have a good run outside.

Lawn bowls has just started at the Mallala bowling club through autumn/winter. Our club has put in artificial turf, and we have to make some money to help pay for it! With the new turf, we can play in the rain, and there's no grass to be cut before we can go out and bowl. It's greatly extended the bowling opportunities.

It's going to be fun, and I'm hoping to improve my game, so my darling son won't feel compelled to bag my bowling skills. He is sooooo annoying! He is a very good bowler, but he's not perfect and I want him to be able to tell me I've bowled well for a change!

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