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Apr 17, 2009

When Ugly becomes Cute

I was driving home from the post office today, and saw someone trying to walk down the road with a puppy. It was on my road, about 500 metres from my house, and I decided to pull over and have a chat.

I sort of knew the woman with the puppy, I've seen her around the place, but the puppy didn't look like a staffordshire bull terrier, or a border terrier, her usual breeds.

I got out of the car and went over for a chat, and to look at the pup. It was dark brindle and white, with lovely clear markings, with a pushed in muzzle, and my first though was, oh, how ugly. Anyway, we got chatting about dogs, and dog showing, and puppies. The puppy is a four month old boston terrier.

Then another woman, who also shows dogs, and whose house we were standing near, came out and we all talked some more, and looked at the puppy.

It's funny, the more I looked at this little guy, whose name is Bogart, the more his personality shone through, and the cuter he became.

By the time I had to go home, I was convinced of the cuteness of this little boston terrier, which has got me thinking. If we give things a chance to grow on us, instead of dismissing things immediately, will we see things in a better light?

I think there is a life lesson for us all in this little story.

Let things develop, keep an open mind, and more and more, things will become agreeable to you.

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