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Apr 30, 2009

Fun and Games at Holkschter Pharaoh Hound Kennels

Well, it's on again. Nena the Standard Schnauzer has come in season and the boy Pharaoh Hounds are wanting to help her out.

Nena has shown in the past that she knows what to do to perform the task Mother Nature is telling her to perform, and Kharis and his son La De Da (Pharaoh Hounds) are eager to assist her.

At Holkschter Kennels we are not into breeding dogs just for money, and we are certainly not interested in so-called Designer Dogs which are usually just mongrels, prettied up with a fancy name. At least if our boys and Nena had their way, the pups would be cross-breds, not mongrels, but that's just semantics, and is still definitely not on.

As registered pure bred dog breeders, we are against this sort of thing. We only arrange for a mating if it may lead to the betterment of the breed. Crossing one breed with another just leads to more puppies who may or may not go on to living a good and useful life. There are already enough dogs in the world.

Dogs from registered breeders who abide by the Code of Ethics that binds them are far less likely to end up as dogs in a dog shelter. If an owner cannot keep a dog, the breeder of that dog will usually help that owner find a new home.

Good registered breeders maintain an interest in the puppies they breed, and are usually more than happy to help their puppy buyers out in any way they can.

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