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May 14, 2009

Dogs and Washing

Dogs and washing are important things in my backyard. We often have a dog or two in the backyard, and a few times a week we have washing in the line in the backyard.

Pretty normal, pretty common, right? Well yes it is, but it is also pretty common for things to go wrong. Most times, it all goes well. The washing gets hung up, the dog ignores it, then the washing gets brought in again once it's dry.

That's how it usually goes at our place. Or to be honest, that's how it used to go. The past few months, though, something has been going wrong. The washing would get hung up, the washing would dry, the washing would get brought back it, EXCEPT FOR THE BITS OF WASHING ON THE GROUND!!

Now, I don't want to point fingers, or cast aspertions at anyone, but the only dog that has consistently been in the backyard when the washing hits the deck has been Missy. Is she the culprit? Well, I can't be sure, but given the washing hasn't hit the deck when Missy hasn't been there, hmmm.

Today, my little pair of yellow knickers ended up in the dirt. Missy was the only dog in the backyard. Did she do it? don't know, I just know she was the only one there, and I have one fewer pairs of undies.

It's a good thing Missy is cute, otherwise, who knows what might happen to her!

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