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May 27, 2009

The Mystery of the Ripped down Washing

The mystery is solved. I was on the phone the other day, looking out of the window, and I saw Missy about to jump at the washing. I loudly growled at her, she came to the back door and I let her in.

I haven't had her outside with washing on the line since, just other dogs out, with Missy in, and the washing is staying right where I put it. So, now I know, I can act accordingly.

The problem with these sorts of things is not being able to get proper proof. Washing on the ground and a dog with a hang dog expression is not proof. Just because the dog may look 'guilty' that is not proof.

Dogs, in my opinion, do not feel guilt. They do not have emotions the same as people do. They are, however, very good at reading human emotions in us. The 'guilty' look a dog gives is usually a response to our anger. They will give that look whenever they see us when we are angry. We just notice the dog more when we think they should be feeling guilty. It is not a guilty dog, it is just a worried dog that looks guilty to us.

I know other people would disagree with me on this, and they often ascribe human emotions to their pet dogs. I don't buy it. I look at the dog's behaviour and see the situation from a dog's point of view. Dogs are our friends, they can feel strongly toward us, but in my opinion, they do not love us any more than they would love any dog member of their pack.

I am human, my dogs are dogs. I am the leader, they know that, but they will continue to act in dog-like ways. Missy pulls down the washing because it is lots of fun for her. I just have to realise that and deal with it, by not letting her loose with the washing. It is as simple as that!

I can't explain to Missy that I don't want her ripping down the washing, because she is a dog, not a person. Dogs are dogs, and I love them for it!


lisleman said...

thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm returning the flavor.

I agree with you view of dogs and pets in general. I have a few posts on pets (just click the tag)

Too many people tend to put human feelings into their dog's actions.

All the breeding over the years has them eating out of our hands and they go along with it.

I'll never understand people letting their dogs sleep in the bed with them.

Carolyn said...

I agree with you about letting your dog sleep in the bed with you. We do let one of our dogs sleep on the bed though.
There is a difference between sleeping on the end of the bed and snuggling up under the covers. I would never allow that!