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Jun 8, 2009

Six dogs in the house.

Six dogs in the house most of the day today. It's raining! Yay, it's raining.

I'm glad it's raining, the lawn is growing again, and so is everything else - caltrop, jacks, horehound, and myriad other noxious weeks. It's too wet to go outside when it's raining, but someone will have to look soon enough.

I dug up some three corner jacks that had come up in the front lawn day before yesterday, and I will dig up any others I see anywhere we regularly walk. The horehound is only an issue if it comes up where the schnauzers go, the pharaoh hounds have a short coat that the horehound seeds won't cling to.

I just love nature! I love the rainy weather. I just wish it wasn't so cold outside. I have to go out tomorrow night, and they won't have any heating going at the Gawler library where my writing workshop is. Oh well, I'll have to get into whatever Jeff Guess gets us working on tomorrow night and be so involved in it I won't feel the cold.

I'll wear my warmest coat too!


Carol Poet said...

Did you end up writing about the cold Carolyn? I feel it too girl - I look silly in my beanie & jumper, sometimes poncho over top, but Dave doesn't call me a lizard for nothing!
Can you believe I saw a (yes teenage) girl walking around today in a tank top?

Carolyn said...

Oh dear,yes Carol, I believe it. Young people don't feel the cold - they are cool by choice. I vaguely remember being a teenage, if the occasion called for it, I used to be prepared to freeze to get a certain look.
Now, I'm not afraid to wear my beanie - with my new haircut, my ears get a bit cold.

Carolyn said...

Jeff Guess didn't get us writing anything on Tuesday night - we had a guest speaker - Kylie Maher - a very interesting person, with an incredible and wonderful tale of survival.