Puppy's mum says: I am a Politics Tragic.

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Nov 30, 2009

I am a Politics Tragic.

I realised something this morning that I had been mostly unaware of before today. I am a Politics Tragic.

I know not everyone is into politics and lots of people don't ever read the paper or watch the news. But I couldn't believe it when I looked at my Facebook page and Twitter, and there were people talking about shopping, school and other domestic things this afternoon.

Facebook and Twitter should have been abuzz with the Lib's bloodletting and the related craziness. But for some people, life just seems to be going on as normal.

Personally I spent the morning hooked up to Fox News & ABC and Crikey nonstop on the computer. I had a wonderful time listening, taking part and posting stuff as thoughts occurred to me. And boy did the thoughts occur!

I've calmed down again now, but my head is still buzzing and I hope I can find a real live person who gives a toss about it all! I don't have enough polit trag friends, that has become very clear today.

Must find new friends!


Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves........................................

Carolyn said...

Indeed. Those who help themselves also help themselves.