Puppy's mum says: What has that !*%$!! Dog Done Now?!

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Jan 31, 2010

What has that !*%$!! Dog Done Now?!

Oh where do I start? Hmm. Ananka has become Queen Nasty Bitch, after briefly being Queen Nice, when she decided it was OK for Nena, our schnauzer girl to be loose inside the house without having to say nasty things or trying to kill her. I guess we knew it was too good to be true, that we could live in peace and harmony with four dogs loose inside.

No, they didn't fight, but Ananka did something worse than that - she bit someone on the ankle. I guess she thought she was doing a good job protecting our property, but even so, it's not on. She has lost the right to be loose when visitors are present. The other two pharaoh hounds, La De and Missy are still behaving though, so that's good.

But once things were sorted out, the two pharaoh girls both come in season, so La De has to pee on everything outside, many times a day. He hasn't gone off his food yet, but I know that is going to happen when the girls are at about ovulating stage. Males are so predictable! There's always something going on with the dogs to make life a little bit more complicated!

What else? Oh yeah, Ananka discovered a way of getting out of the back run and into the pool area. The pool area has a slight (pharaoh hound sized) hole in the fence. So we can't leave Missy or Ananka loose in the dog run anymore. I've looked at the fence and I can't see where she would have got through, I just know that she did get through!

When the pharaoh girls are left down the dog run now, they'll have to be kennelled. Oh well, at least we have the kennels. And it's too hot at the moment anyway, so they get locked up inside, with the cooler going. Luxury!

That's enough of my ranting, I just needed to get it all off my chest. I love having dogs, but sometimes ...

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