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Mar 23, 2010

Living with Dogs and Learning from Them

Almost very day, I learn from my dogs. I watch them, see the way they live and interact with each other. I can see which behaviours work well, and which behaviours lead to bloodshed.

I see how they get about their business every day, and I see the way they get away with the greatest lives. If I could come back to Earth after I die, I would love to come back as a much loved dog.

I look at my dogs and think they live a life that would be fantastic. They get up when they want, they love whatever food they are given. They don't have to clean up after themselves, they get given for free everything they need in life.

Dogs get all of this and more, for what? What does a dog have to do to be able the live their life of leisure?

They have to accept pats and treats, they have to show they love their owners by licking them sometimes.

They have to learn the rules their owners set (or at least indicate they're trying to learn). Simple stuff, right?

Dogs don't have to learn maths, and only have to learn a few words of english. Dogs have amazing natural abilities that far surpass the talents of their owners.

Yes, I want to come back after I die as a well loved dog!

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