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Mar 25, 2010

Pharaoh Hounds New Best Thing

Well, our lovely hounds have a new thing to do to ruin my quality of life. It used to be digging up the lawn, now it's yelling their heads off almost non-stop when they're outside.

Pharaoh Hounds aren't a silent breed of dog, and barking is natural to them and normal, but honestly, I wish they'd learn when enough is enough! At least they've moved up from barking at sparrows, they are now getting back to where they came from.

Pharaoh Hounds are the national dog breed of Malta and they help farmers there get rid of the rabbits that steal their crops. So that is what our Pharaoh Hounds are trying to do, get rid of rabbits.

Unlike Maltese farmers though, we can't let our Pharaohs loose, because there are lots of cars, sheep, cows around and our dogs might end up in deep trouble. But the dogs can still let the rabbits know what they think of them, loudly and constantly when they're outside. Nena, our schnauzer, doesn't worry about the rabbits at all.

So the Pharaoh Hounds are having lots of inside time, either on the sofa or in their crate when I want a peaceful time. The joy of living with a pack of dogs!

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