Puppy's mum says: Dogs or Cats. I know which I prefer!

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Jan 2, 2011

Dogs or Cats. I know which I prefer!

I've written a few different things about Dogs versus Cats. I have this idea in the back of my head, a crazy conspiracy theory type of thing, that cats will eventually take over the world. I actually wrote a short story about this some years ago - it won first prize in a competition, which was a huge buzz for me!

If I can find the story on my computer in amongst my paper files, I might past the short story on this site. But that's only a sideline to the reason for this post on my blog. I am a stay at home worker type of person, trying to make a few cents working online.

One of my money making things is to post articles, stories, photos and poems to a particular website - Triond. For the month of December I am going to get $3.00 or more paid into my Paypal account. I know this isn't actually much money, and I'll never make a living wage out of posting things to this site, but I'm hoping to raise my earnings somewhat for 2011. For me though, it's not all about the money, the thing I most like about Triond is the sense of community and connectedness.

This little article, click here about the reasons why I prefer Dogs over Cats, has gained me over 1,200 readers and $3.19 since it was published on the site in June last year. The money is ho hum, but the comments and discussions that have resulted have been terrific. That's the reason why I love to write - hearing what other people think about what I write.

I hope you are interested enough to read the article yourself and leave a comment. If you're interested in having a go at writing for this site yourself, click on this link.

Thank you, and Go Dogs!

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