Puppy's mum says: Warmer weather means chill out if you can!

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Jan 14, 2011

Warmer weather means chill out if you can!

Well summer is definitely here now! We have the evaporative cooler going all day most days, and the dogs are happy to be inside.
When I go out, the cooler stays on and the dogs stay locked up inside. They like it like that. The dog's sofa only has one resident at the moment - our male pharaoh hound, Lah Dee. The two girl pharaohs, Ananka and Missy are both in season, so they are kept well away from their son and brother respectively. We don't want that sort of accident!

So the poor boy dog has suffered first with pining for our schnauzer when she was in season very recently, and now pining for the other girls. If I manage to come into some money, I will definitely consider a mass desexing of our dogs. We have let Lah Dee keep his dignity, but the girls will all be better off if they get the cut job done.

This will mean they'll never need to be locked away for a month to keep them safe, and it might end the nastiness that the girls get involved in sometimes. When one bitch gets hormonal, sometimes the teeth come out and it's not a pretty thing!

Oh well, in another fortnight I hope that will all be over for a year for the pharaoh girls and six months for the schnauzer Nena.

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