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Feb 8, 2011

A Day in the life of me and the dogs

We have four dogs - one schnauzer girl, Nena (the oldest) and three pharaoh hounds, one male (Lah Dee) and two females. One of the PH girls (Missy) is the youngest of your dogs, the other PH girl (Ananka) is mother to the two younger PHs.

OK, get your heads around that and then I'll let you know what they're doing. 
I let Missy and Ananka back inside, from the back yard. Nena and Ananka circled round each other briefly, but nothing untoward occurred. These two are the most likely to fight, neither really concedes superiority to the other. Inside the house they’re usually cautiously OK. Outside is a different story. Outside they’re quite likely to fight, with nasty results. The role of Alpha Bitch is much sought after if you're a female dog.

We try not to have the two oldest girls outside together, for that reason. We also make sure that the dogs are fed separately, so there are no fights over food. The giving of scraps happens with them all loose, but you have to be careful, they get a bit snappy over food.

At the moment, Nena is lying down in her crate which is about a metrre and a half from where I sit at the computer. She’s not asleep, but she’s not far off it. Ananka is lying down at rest on the dog’s sofa which is just next to (on the right of) my spot at the computer. Lah Dee is also on the sofa, and he looks like he’s asleep. Missy is lying down on the carpet, next to the sofa and about a metre and a half behind where I’m sitting. She’s awake, but she looks like she could be sleeping really soon.

This is often how the dogs and I spend the day. Me on the computer, searching the net, connecting through social media, checking emails. The dogs rest, getting ready for when it suddenly gets exciting. What could make it exciting?

Well, I may stand up. Then the dogs would get up and maybe rush to the back door, to go out for a drink and a toilet break, and to chase birds out there. If I put them out, the chasing bird thing could last for a long time. We get sparrows, starlings, spotted turtle doves and black birds every day, every time the dogs are out. Sometimes one of the dogs may get lucky  and catch a bird, in which case there might be some chasing of the lucky hunter. If it’s Ananka who catches something, she’ll get left alone. The youngsters know it’s safer to leave their mum alone.

This might all sound very boring, but I have fun with my internet connections, and my dog watching. At dinner time the dogs rush to the laundry where the dog food is. Our dogs are mostly fed a dry dog food and they usually seem to enjoy it and eat it all up. Any food that gets left is put away for the next day. Nena didn’t eat all of her tea last night, so I’m keeping a bit of an eye on her to see if she seems OK. She does, and I’ll be checking her out when she gets her tea tonight.

Nena is probably my favourite dog. She’s been with us the longest, and she may well be our last schnauzer. I love the breed, but I’m sick of the grooming involved. The PHs are much easier to groom – leave them alone most of the time and give them a brush if you feel like it. It wouldn’t matter if they hardly ever got brushed. Our dogs are no longer show dogs. If we were showing the PHs a lot more work would be required.

So that’s it. Leave a message if you’d like more info about me or my dogs. It’s a quiet life here in sunny Redbanks!

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