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Jan 28, 2011

A Different Way to Meditate

I am aware of the health benefits of meditation - it helps to combat stress which can cause heart problems and mental health problems. It can help you feel in control of your life when things are going crazy around you.

I don't go the whole way with meditation, chanting Om, Om with my legs crossed. My personal way of meditation is to sit comfortably on a chair outside and watch birds. I live in rural South Australia and there are many different kinds of birds that visit our garden.

We have the usual non native birds in our garden, sparrows, starlings, spotted turtledoves and blackbirds. We also have common native birds - two kinds of honeyeaters - white plumes and new holland, we have crested pigeons, murray magpies, willy wagtails, galahs, swallows, crows (or ravens as they are more properly known, apparently), australian magpies. These are the regular visitors on a daily basis.

I like to sit outside, seeing the birds, watching as they go about their business, marvelling at their skills with flying and catching insects. If I could have one skill that creatures have that I don't I would love to be able to fly. Being up there in the sky, with no worries of traffic jams or car breakdown seems ideal. I'm aware of the problems of course, and it will never happen anyway, so I can dream of the idealised version of flight!

There are other birds I see often, but not daily - some of these are nankeen kestrel, one of the native miners that isn't the noisy miner (I can't remember its name but I have it written down), red rumped parrot, red wattlebird and black shouldered kite. I have seen various lorikeets, rainbow bee eaters, black hawk, barn owl once, wedge tailed eagle several years ago, and many others.

I keep a list of the birds I have seen at or from our place and whenever I see a new bird I make sure to add it to my list. Doing these things, connecting with nature in this way, helps me to be centred in a way that is apart from the dreary hum drum doings that can bring you down if you let it.

So bird watching is my meditation - do you have something you do that helps you get through you life in a good way? Feel free to share your thoughts on this here!

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