Puppy's mum says: If You Love Your Pet, Get them Pet Insurance

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Dec 26, 2011

If You Love Your Pet, Get them Pet Insurance

When you have a pet, you have different costs. If your favourite pet is a dog, you need bedding, a collar, a lead, and of course dog food. With a cat you don’t necessarily need a collar and lead, but you have food and bedding costs too. One thing many people forget about is Pet Insurance – cover for the cost of veterinary treatments. Even healthy pets require the vet to stay healthy. If your pet is healthy, the bills won’t be too expensive, but if your pet is injured, or gets sick, the costs can quickly mount up. There’s an easy way to avoid some of these high costs.
That way is pet insurance. We regularly insure our car, goods and homes, and we insure ourselves with life insurance, and health insurance. So why not insure the health of that important four legged member of the family?
Consider the following for Pet Insurance Comparison. Pet Insurance has three different levels of pet insurance cover from Basic Cover, to Plus Plan to Premium Plan. All three insurance plans cover accidental injury, and Plus Plan and Premium Plan both cover illness too. The different levels of cover provide differing amounts for the various conditions. With the Basic Plan you will receive $6,000 annually for treatment for accidental injury. With the Plus Plan, you will receive up to $10,000 to pay for your pet’s treatment and with the Premium Plan you will receive up to $15,000 annually to cover veterinary costs.
Do your own Pet Insurance Review: Having a pet in your home can be a wonderful thing, but, as pet owners know, veterinary costs can lead to money troubles. You love your pet, but sometimes hard decisions must be made, simply because the cost is beyond your financial capacity. In our home, we have faced some hard decisions for our pets. We’ve had to make some heart-breaking choices over our many years of pet owning. I know that having Pet Insurance can make these decisions easier to make. Having to decide how much your pet is worth to you is something you wouldn’t need to worry about if you have Pet Insurance. For as little as less than $1 a day, your pet can be covered.
The cover for all plans includes an amount for emergency boarding too, for cover these costs if you become ill. With the 14 day cooling off period, and with up to a large 80% of the costs being covered, there’s really no reason not to get insurance for your pet. When they look into these things, most people would agree that getting Pet Insurance really is the best idea.

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