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Jan 1, 2012

Hot Day Again Today

Today in South Australia we're having 40 temperatures again. The people in the house are staying inside, apart from visits to the swimming pool as needed.

And the dogs? The dogs are all staying inside, and loving it. We have our evaporative cooler going and the dogs have water available in the house if they need it.

I hope nobody is stupid to leave any dogs inside their cars today. The temperature inside a parked car can go from OK to lethal more quickly than many people realise.

If you have a dog and it's outside, why not bring it inside with you? It's the kindest thing to do. The same goes for the opposite weather extreme. Dogs may be better off than humans outside in freezing weather, but still, if it's too cold for you, maybe it's too cold for your dog as well.

When we bring a dog into our life, we have a commitment to bring that dog fully into our life. Your dog loves you unconditionally. Do you love your dog that much too?

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