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Jan 16, 2012

Weather Extremes - Remember Your Pet!

When the weather is too terrible for you to go or stay outside, don't forget your pet. Most pets can suffer too, when Nature gives us extreme weather. 

At the moment, South Australia, where I live, has a forecast of 39 degrees celsius, with rain expected in the afternoon and evening. 39 degrees celsius is 102 Fahrenheit, that's too hot for me and for my dogs! So at the moment, I'm staying inside, and so are the four dogs. 

Our other pets are goldfish. They live in a deep pond outside, with shade. If it's too hot for them at the top of their pond, they have plenty of cool water further down. I know they'll be fine out there. Some fish aren't so lucky, if your fish are in the sunshine on a very hot day, and they're in a shallow pond, it can get extremely dangerous for them.

Pet owners must realise the responsibilities they take on, when they get a pet. If my dogs were outside, and they didn't have shade and water available, it could become life threatening for them. I'm a responsible pet owner who cares, so I keep my dogs inside where it's cool, and I make sure they have water to drink if they want it.

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