Puppy's mum says: Is it OK to Let A Dog Lick Me?

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Apr 14, 2012

Is it OK to Let A Dog Lick Me?

Have you ever been told that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's mouth? Did you believe it?

I've been told the same thing, but I certainly won't let my dogs lick my face, and I discourage them from licking me anywhere. It's not that I think they're got filthy mouths necessarily, but I know that most dogs, and my four dogs in particular, aren't terrible fussy about the things they eat and lick.

I've seen my dogs in the backyard, playing. They'll pick up a creature that's dead and has been dead for a long, long time, by the smell of it. The dog will lick it to give it a taste test, then have a chomp on it if it smells ripe enough. Yuck!

I was wondering about the truth of this idea though, and decided to look into it further. My main place to find out the truth online is Snopes.com. This link will take you to the answer to the question. The myth is not completely true, and it's probably a good idea to stop the puppy kisses if you can.

Dogs can pick up all kinds of nasties in their mouths, and transfer them to you. They may have bacteria in their mouths that can kill other bugs and things, but is it really worth the risk. I say, pat your pup, but don't let it lick you. Dogs can have tapeworms they can transfer to you, by licking you. Oo yuck, you wouldn't want that.

I say love your dog, but don't let him kiss you!

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