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Apr 13, 2012

I love Autumn

I have to say, this Autumn day I'm having right now would have to be the most perfect weather possible. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there's a lovely cool breeze outside.

I'm not out there in the lovely weather though. I haven't been outside at all today, I only know it's lovely because of what I can see, looking out of the windows, and what I can feel - the breeze blowing in through the screen door. The dogs are all flaked out inside too, two on their sofa, one on our bed and the other one lying down in the open crate near me.

At least the dogs have been outside though, they have sufficient breaks outside for drinking and toileting, and chasing birds. They actually caught a bird yesterday, in the morning. The Pharaoh Hounds were all outside, Jake had put them out while he got ready for the new day. Hubby and I were still in bed - the joys of no longer working!

Then the dogs began barking, like they really meant it. I thought they were just barking at birds, so I didn't worry, until hubby told me Nena, the Schnauzer was outside too. That got me out of bed quick. The four dogs have been getting on really well lately, but I know it won't take much for it to go bad again. Our two oldest bitches are still not settled on who's the top bitch.

Anyway, I went to the door and called Nena. She came to me and I went outside, leaving Nena in the house. I did it that way because Nena is the only one of our dogs who's reliable with coming when she's called. The Pharaoh Hounds come when they're good and ready, which is rarely exactly when they're wanted.

The Hounds were all barking and trying to get something in a large bush - leaping at it and bark, bark, barking! Then suddenly one of them broke away from the others - it was our male PH, with something black in his mouth. The others took off after him, but he glared at them and they backed away. Then he crouched down and proceeded to get stuck into eating the creature.

I'm not sure what it was, other than it being a bird. It may have been a spotted turtle dove, judging by the size, and the fact that there are often those doves up in that bush. The dark colour though, that makes me think it may have been a starling. We have lots and lots of starlings living around our place.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This morning, nothing like that happened. It's just been lovely, and you know what? I reckon I'm going to leave the house and sit outside for a while. I'll catch some sunshine, and watch the birds out there. I love bird watching!

If you love bird watching too, which are your favourite birds? I love birds of prey - I saw a fork tailed kite yesterday, circling overhead. Beautiful!

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