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May 31, 2012

Another Fish Count Day Today

I went down to our pond today to sit in the glorious late Autumn sunshine. Even though it's going to be winter tomorrow, today was a gloriously lovely day. The sunshine is nearly over, and we didn't have as much sun today as yesterday, but it was still a pleasant day to be sitting by the pond for a little while.

I put some fish food into the pond for our goldfish, and counted the ones that came up for a feed. I only saw nine this time. Last few times I've been down there, I've seen eleven. Our pond is quite murky and it's deep too, so the other fish may be there somewhere - I'll make a point of visiting them more often, and perhaps the others will appear.

Today I counted 7 goldfish, one shubunkin, and one other fish that is metallic in colour and may be a shubunkin. I've included a link which talks about the shubunkin goldfish - the one we still have left is a calico one, and is extremely attractively marked in orange, white and black. So a shubunkin is missing, and a pure orange coloured goldfish. I hope they show up again sometime soon.

I love to sit and watch the fish flitting all around the pond. It's quite a big pond, over a metre deep, and perhaps two metres across from side to side. Digging the pond was a mighty job, done by Graham and possibly Jake. We've had fish since our 18th wedding anniversary, and started with 18 fish from Graham's sister. Sadly, those first fish, and their offspring all died, and the fish we have now are from some that Graham bought.

They've bred since then, and we're hoping they will breed again next breeding season. I love watching the baby fish when they begin to start coming up for a feed - they're quite skittish at first, but slowly get used to the whole thing and gradually become more used to someone being there watching them.

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