Puppy's mum says: Two Fish Still Missing, Feared Dead.

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Jun 10, 2012

Two Fish Still Missing, Feared Dead.

I went down the back of our place yesterday and sat with the fish for a while. I had the fish food with me and fed them. This is how I can count them - the water is quite murky and I can only see a few inches down.

Unfortunately, I only saw the same nine fish that I saw last time, so the solid orange goldfish and the shubunkin seem to have disappeared. I haven't seen their dead bodies, but haven't seen their live bodies either. That's the way things go, birth, life and then death. That's the way it is...

While I was sitting there, I heard sparrows chattering, and I heard at least one frog, I love the fact that we have frogs! The creaky croak seemed to be coming from our smaller pond, about four metres to the west of the bigger one where the goldfish are. I love frogs, you may have noticed that.

So that's the news from the fish pond, I'll do another update when the time seems right. Do you have a fishpond? I'd love the hear about it!

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