Puppy's mum says: Hot Weather shouldn't mean Hot Dogs!

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Nov 19, 2012

Hot Weather shouldn't mean Hot Dogs!

In my part of South Australia tomorrow, it's going to be a hot day. This means our dogs will spend almost all of the day inside, where it's lovely and cool, and where there's plenty of water to drink.

We live in the Mallala district, 60 km or so from the capital city, Adelaide. The forecast for tomorrow, which I saw on the ABC news a few minutes ago, showed a forecast high of 37 degrees celsius. That's too hot for me to be outside, and too hot for the dogs to be outside too!

When you have a dog, it's your responsible to make sure it has shelter from weather extremes. This means hot sun, strong winds and heavy rain. You wouldn't want to be stuck outside in those conditions, and you shouldn't make your dog stay out either.

Hot dogs are not happy dogs, that's for sure!

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