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Oct 22, 2012

Dogs, High Priced Dry Food and Food Scraps

As a former dog exhibitor and breeder, I've been exposed to many ideas on the best food to give my dogs for optimal results. When we were right into showing and breeding, our dogs ate top quality dry food, costing many many dollars for a 20 kilo bag. Our dogs and the puppies that were born had gleaming coats and were in top condition.

Since giving up the dog showing and breeding though, and with one or two financial issues, we've had a careful think about it and looked closely at the mid-point range of dry dog foods. I've had experience within the dog food world, and learned some things about best feeding dogs (and cats too). I studied the relevant parts of various dog food bags, weighing up the figures there.

It seemed that with enough care, we could try the lower-priced dog food, see what the effect was on our loved canines. We thought about it and began feeding our dogs the lower-priced food (one of the mid-range ones - Pedigree) that seemed the best, and waited to see what the result would be...

So, after two years of no more dog showing and no more puppies, what do I say? I firmly say - the dog food we give our dogs now results in active dogs with gleaming coats, in top condition! So, we will no longer be tied to a dog food that costs twice what our current dog food costs. We give our dogs scraps at times, bits of meat, bread and vegetables. The dogs love it, all of them thrilled to be given veggie offcuts, especially mushrooms!

They sometimes catch their own foods too - birds and lizards are firm favourites amongst our Pharaoh Hounds, with our Schnauzer, who is the oldest of our dogs, sometimes getting a taste if she gets in quick. The upshot of this is, I think, feed an expensive dog food if you want to, but don't believe the hype that tells you expensive is always the best way to go for your loved canine companion.

Those are my thoughts on feeding my dogs - what are your thoughts?

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